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Terrace in the heart of Old Riga!
You are welcome to the summer terrace of our restaurant Old Traditions! Beautiful views and robust life of Skarnu Street will leave nobody indifferent.
Old Traditions restaurant
When you step into our restaurant, you leave behind the rapid pace of the capital city life and embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of Russian repast filled with joy and warm-heartedness. The menu of the restaurant represents the history of Russian cuisine and traditions of several generations. We will offer you dishes of the classic cuisine or meals cooked according to Old Russian recipes. The dishes will be accompanied by strong beverages made with horseradish, pepper and garlic, or by a wide selection of in-house-made berry liqueurs.
We would like you to remember your visit to our restaurant for the exuberant repast, your jovial and slightly tipsy mood, and long-awaited time together with close friends. Let us keep our traditions!
About menu
The menu of the Russian cuisine restaurant Old Traditions boasts exquisite and mouth-watering dishes that in their time were enjoyed by Russian merchants, court nobility and guests of the capital city.

The majority of recipes on the menu come from old culinary books. Our chef Vitaly Smirnov has handpicked recipes that will still arouse interest and will fascinate both a real gourmet and a regular foodie. Our priority is healthy food, since the majority of dishes in the Russian cuisine are boiled, braised or baked. We offer scrumptious meat and fish dishes such as Tavranchuk (beef shank braised in rye beer aka kvass); Mutton Ushnoye (previously boiled and slowly cooked mutton); Duck Braised with Apples; and Fish Kalya (fish soup made with pickle brine). Lovers of home cooking will be pleasantly surprised by a selection of hand-made ravioli. Studying Old Russian books, we have found very interesting tips on making dough and minced meat. Due to these findings, our ravioli, such as Mushroom Kundyubki (mushroom ravioli), simple everyday food, has become a top seller of the restaurant.

True aficionados can partake of in-house-made flavorful bitters and liqueurs. In the spirit of preserving Russian official dinner traditions, we will be happy to cook a suckling pig or a steamed sturgeon for you and your guests.

A beautiful final chord to the feast would be traditional Siberian tea-drinking with golden-hued pastries, ruddy pancakes and elegant dessert from the chef.
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